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Business Center Los Sitios provides virtual offices services for companies that need an impressive business image, but without the expense of full time office space. Virtual office clients are remote from our business centre but receive all of the necessary benefits to create a quality business image. This is the best solution for independent professionals who work at home, for those who are traveling or visiting most of the time and for those who are starting a business.

This service is focused on people or companies who have the following needs:

  • Working at home without giving up offering a professional image.
  • Opening one or more branches in other cities.
  • Having a business address
  • Answering calls, visits, faxes, email, correspondence, etc..
  • The use of rooms and offices for special occasions, appointments with customers and suppliers
  • Immediate operation and flexibility in hiring.

There are different options:


  TIPE A: Simple Virtual Office (No telephone service)
  • Business address for your company / activity (social or commercial)
  • Receiving visitors, receipt of mail and parcels
  • Right to use all services from the business center.


  TIPE B: Complete Virtual Office (telephone service)
  • Providing a location for Business of companies / activity (social or commercial)
  • Use of our address and fax number on all your business stationery (not registered
  • Having your own dedicated telephone number
  • Calls answered in your company name
  • Mail forwarding or mail holding
  • Professional reception area with friendly and professional staff
  • Meeting room for hire or for free 2 hours/month
  • Right to use all services from the business center.


  TIPE C: Work schedule (agenda) service
  • Personalized call service.
  • Having your Own phone number or having it forwarded from another source.
  • Providing for visits according to an agenda.
  • Use of all services from the business center.


oficina virtual zaragoza
alquiler de despachos zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza 

C/ Sanclemente, 25, 4º
(The corner of Plaza de Los Sitios)

Telephone: 976 232 100
Fax: 976 238 500

centro de negocios zaragoza  
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