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Our main office is located in Bilbao and we want to open an office in Zaragoza, what do you recommend?

I have a meeting and the place where I work doesn’t offer the image I want. If I rent an office or meeting-room, can I I use another services?

Have you got screen and WIFI access? Could I use them if I book only for a part/time?

If I need to do a recruiting, can I rent a part-time office in your business center?

I'm going to start a business but for now I have decided to work at home, I will contact you as soon as I expect a visitor and need to have an office for a while.

I’m begining a business but I don´t want to leave my actual job as an employee yet. Which is the recommended service for me?

I am starting up a business and I already have the contacts. I don’t want to work at home and I don’t know if I should hire a conventional office or set up in a business center.

Our business comprises 4 members and we work in a conventional office. We go to a trade fair and don’t wan’t to leave just an answering machine. We are not sured about having phone coverage there. Could you offer me any solution?

I’m a psychologist and I would like to hire an office several hours per week, but I don’t know exactly on which days.

We are a nonprofit association that organize activities for our members, we have no secretary, can we hire at the center a phone number where our associates can call to confirm attendance every time we propose an activity?

I am a dentist, we close during August and do not want to leave only a voicemail, could you manage our agenda for this month?

I am a doctor, I have a private center, but I work three days per week in the afternoon, can you attend my phone calls the rest of the time?

We are based in a traditional office and we are thinking about moving to a business center to save fixed costs per month. How much do you think we can save?

Our company has declined its activity considerably and we are thinking about closing, but is there a way to save monthly fixed cost?

We are going to give up doing business , and we will finish the office’s contract but we don’t want to dissolve the society because we still have some outstanding issues, what can we do?

alquiler de oficinas zaragoza
 alquiler despachos zaragoza
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alquiler de despachos zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza

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centro de negocios zaragoza  
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