centro de negocios zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza
Alquiler de despachos zaragoza

Business Center Los Sitios of Zaragoza was founded in 1994 by Olga Pueyo. . Since then, she has located it in the center of the city as a symbol of the integration between work and wellbeing.

Located in a stately building of the twentieth century, it has been adapted to new business needs without leaving their original aesthetics. Thus, open spaces dominate every room overlooking Sanclemente street and the central square of Los Sitios of Zaragoza, noted for its ornamentations and its trees.

Since 1994 it has been gradually expanded in order to accommodate the needs of its customers, and in 2003 it also was renovate in its structure and redecorated. But it never gives up its aesthetics to accommodate new trends in color and form.

alquiler de oficinas zaragoza
 alquiler despachos zaragoza
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alquiler de despachos zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza

C/ Sanclemente, 25, 4º
(The corner of Plaza de Los Sitios)

Telephone: 976 232 100
Fax: 976 238 500

centro de negocios zaragoza  
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