centro de negocios zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza
Alquiler de despachos zaragoza

OTHER SERVICES – Business Center Los Sitios

Business Center Los Sitios has the best technical and human resources, a friendly and professional environment and the image that your company needs to contribute to successful development


  A: Reprographic services
  • Photocopies of all sizes
  • Scanning
  • Bindings
  B: Communications
  • Fax sending and reception
  • E-mail
  • Personal phone numbers (DDI)
  • WIFI
  C. Shipping
  • Courier Service
  • Mail Processing
  D. Office supplies
  E. Service Kitchen-Office
  • Coffee and refreshments available to the client
  F. Tax consultancy and accounting work
  • Subcontractors.
alquiler de oficinas zaragoza
 alquiler despachos zaragoza
alquiler de despachos zaragoza
centro de negocios zaragoza

C/ Sanclemente, 25, 4º
(The corner of Plaza de Los Sitios)

Telephone: 976 232 100
Fax: 976 238 500

centro de negocios zaragoza  
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